How To Use An Email Autoresponder And Make Money Online

    How to use an email autoresponder is one fundamental lesson to learn for newbies online entrepreneur

    An email autoresponder should come as natural to every business.

    Web surfers stopped looking at ordinary websites years ago.

    In the new age of plurality of online information with more than 4 billion internet users, any online business needs to build a positive relationship of trust with its visitors.

    It is for this reason that online companies are investing huge millions into Customer Relationship Management programs.

    But if you have not a huge capital to put into customer relations, your only option is to use auto autoresponders to deliver an amazing warm reception and interaction with your visitors.

    To conduct a successful online business, you may want to be guided by available research on customers.

    Research has long established that, positive and timely responses are important ingredients that visitors used to judge how friendly websites are and how they would want to interact with them.

    All statistics show that visitors are more likely to establish relationships with sites that provide excellent feedback and timely responses.

    Autoresponders therefore positively answer the call of website owners seeking automated interaction with customers at all facets of their customer relations.

    Despite everything, in 2020 email marketing remain the internet marketing branch with a higher level of engagement and conversions.

    Effectively, An email autoresponder can securely perform 5 principal business-boosting roles for every website which needs to get a high rating in customer relations and therefore enhance customer loyalty and of course, increase sales.

    The main roles of an email autoresponder

    Acknowledgment and confirmation: Autoresponders can let people know you have received their emails and that you will soon respond to their inquiry. Even when you are not available to reply immediately, you will do so at some later time. All buyer wants an immediate confirmation for their purchases as well as a confirmation that you are a reliable seller. Therefore, it is a good marketing strategy to allay such anxieties.

    In this age of scam and fraud on the net, every buyer will want confirmation of his purchase. It's proven that if you establish trust and make your customers happy, he will buy from you again.

    Moreover, People buy for several reasons; one of their being an urgent need to do something. So acknowledging their emails set their minds at ease, and then they are confident that a reply will be forthcoming on their inquiry.

    Naturally, you will receive a thousand emails a day, and it's not humanly possible efficiently reply to all these manually and that is where an auto autoresponder comes in.

    Notices: Assuming you were out of the office for two days and a customer interested in bringing you a hundred thousand Dollar deal writes to you with the hope of receiving a response so the business is transacted. It will be quite discouraging for him to wait and wait for no answer to come forth.

    An email autoresponder service will do it for you.

    You could write some preliminary email marketing messages which will be automatically sent to the sender; at least informing him of products/services available or explain your absence and when you will be back.

    The sender will not think you as fraudulent seller and you will have more time to respond appropriately and get the deal finalized.

    Appreciation:  Buyers do businesses a great favor by buying. Although you are giving away a product or service in return, customers need to be appreciated for buying from you. At least they had several options, but they chose to buy from you because they like you or how you conducted your business. You can use an email auto autoresponder to send follow-up messages to customers thanking them for their business and assuring them of continued support.

    Using email autoresponder for Marketing Campaigns

    The use of email autoresponder is becoming essential in any structured marketing strategy.

    Indeed, email autoresponder left the company to create a detailed marketing strategy without having to continually produce new content.

    An efficient marketing strategy must include inbound marketing.

    Inbound marketing essentially means be found from potential customers (outside-in) in opposition to the traditional strategy that is outbound marketing (inside-out) which pushes the product through various channels, with direct messages to specific customers.

    In this new era with inbound marketing we went from interruption marketing to permission marketing: the audience must be conquered by providing interesting and useful content for the target audience, not interrupted.

    Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. This means a long term strategy which will launch your business at the next level by spending so much less in marketing.

    And How to use an email autoresponder in inbound marketing?

    It's easy. First you with the use of different forms on your website, you will collect the email contacts of your visitors on different lists in your autoresponder database. For each list you will plan and email marketing strategy with which you will propose specific contents depending on the interests of your visitors and specific offers for products linked to their interests.

    In this way, you will establish a loyal relationship with your customers and you will surely increase your sales and engagement.

    Which are the best email autoresponder?

    Every business must make it a point to rely on an email auto autoresponder to generate sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Modern online businesses cannot afford to lose this part of every day web-based transactions.

    There are many autoresponders available for free, but they can not offer the service you need and most of them present many problems.

    In my opinion if I do a comparison between the different email autoresponder solutions I identify two services that emerge on others for both: quality and quantity of services.

    I think the best one is Getresponse. This one is not just one of the most reliable autoresponder on the market but offers many other features that permit you to diversify your marketing strategy. Indeed, with Getresponse you can create:

    - landing page to promote single promotion and collect leads;

    - funnels to promote single products dramatically your sales;

    - form to collect contacts on your website or social media;

    - webinar to promote and present services and product by using video;

    - surveys to interact and know the preferences and opinions of your customers and followers;

    - you can launch Facebook ads directly from your Getresponse dashboard and get better results;

    - and naturally you could collect contacts in different lists and send them newsletters and emails with an autoresponder.

    Understand how much is amazing this product! You could have 1 month free trial of Getresponse from this link and after that, if you will satisfy you could continue to use this service for the cheap price (considering the services included) of 14 dollars: This is the link: Getresponse 30 days free trial!

    Another service truly reliable and complete is Aweber. This one is the leader in the market and can try it free for a month (and after you will pay 19 dollars monthly) from this link: Aweber 30 days free trial!

    In conclusion if you want to create a successful business online and get excellent results without spending a large capital, you can not ignore the use of an email autoresponder, which one could maximize results and give you more spare time to use how you prefer.


    Author: Christian Battistoni


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