How To Become An Affiliate Marketer And Make Money In 2020

    How to become an affiliate marketer was the first question I did to myself before to understand how much it was the answer simple: act! Of course, the first step to become an affiliate marketer online is to stop thinking and start acting.

    Affiliate Marketing is an easy business that doesn't require investment for production or holding products, and you can start to make money online a few times. 

    There are many strategies to apply which match the affiliate marketing trends in 2020

    Anyway do not depend on which approach you prefer to take to run your business and get your financial freedom, whereby writing blog posts or running paid ads, there are some steps you need to take to become an affiliate marketer and start a profitable online business. 

    This article will cover every one of these fundamental steps on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020 and will provide you suggestions to start by avoiding scam and affiliate marketing mistakes which stop you from making money faster.

    Overall in these difficult times, many of us are looking for ways to diversify our incomes by working from home online. I think affiliate marketing can be the less expensive and easiest way to create a residual income. 

     So in the next paragraphs we will try to provide a completed guide on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020.

    How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in 2020

    Before starting making money online you need to create a solid foundation. This means: find merchants that perfectly match with your needs, choose the best affiliate marketing programs, build your website and your marketing strategy.

    So to help you build your online audience and starting to make money online. You need to build the fundamental of your business, and in the next paragraph we will lead you in this wonderful path.

    Start By Choosing a Niche

    First, you need to know that affiliate marketing is a huge business world that practically covers each market you know.

    This makes it necessary to identify a particular niche of interest that you will work with.

    This is a crucial part oy your affiliate marketing journey, and remember, the right niche will make it easier to sell.

    These are the question you can ask yourself to find your perfect niche:

    What topics am I passionate about?

    Do people interest in my niche?

    Will demand for my niche products stay consistent?

    Is my niche too much competitive?

     Can I find Affiliate Programs that work well within my niche? 

    These questions will help you to turn something that you are passionate about in profitable business. Anyway passion is important but it can not the only reason to choose a niche.

    For instance,  KitchenFaucetDivas probably didn’t start as a project of passion, but it's the same as a profitable business.

    Anyway, you will work with your niche by writing reviews and content, creating ads, and analyzing results, and this can be sometimes fun sometimes boring. However, Affiliate Marketing is a business and like any other business is about to make more profit possible.

    The passion will help to make your job less heavy but keep in mind your goal: make money.

    Therefore the Better thing is to choose a niche in which the demand is constantly high or in growth. To find it you can use free tools like Google Trends.

    You insert a longtail keyword for instance "affiliate marketing" or "football shoes" and you look how much is consistent with the demand for your favorite products. A good niche is stable or growing in a long period and does not undergo sudden market changes.

    After that, you need to determine how much completion there's into your niche. 

    This is simple and you could use free keyword search tools as Keywordtool.io and you can easily see how much is competitive in ht major search engines a determined keyword.

    As you can see, on the right side of the results you’ll see an indicator that says ‘Competition’. On Ubersuggest, this indicator ranges from 0-1, with 1 being the highest level of competition.

    So with just a few clicks, you can find out what you’re up against in your niche. You can also see a variety of suggested searches that are related to your niche, as well as how competitive they are.

    You can also sector's study and research to have a deeper idea of your niche competition.

    When you find your affiliate marketing products you are a step ahead on your business building journey but the process does not end there are other important steps to follow in this guide on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020.

    2) Find the best affiliate program

    Many brand make available affiliate marketing programs to promote their products to a wider audience. Practically, they create their offer for affiliate marketers who will promote the Brand's products in exchange for commissions.

    This step has the same importance of choosing the right niche. You need to know the commission rates, the level of support (customer services and help), the quality of both products, and marketing materials.

    Those are the question you can make sure to yourself to proceed with a particular affiliate marketing program:

    How much commission could you get from the program (percentage)? Are these recurring or one-time commissions? 

    Do you want to be associated with an affiliate network, which can help you to start without mistakes?

    Is the company support good or nobody will help you?

    Your network is a bridge between the merchant and your customers, it practically fills the gap of knowledge and tools you need to get success. For these reasons is important to choose the right program.

    Build Your Website and Social Presence 

    Finding the right brands and businesses to partner, it's now time to build your online presence and create the tool to dominate the market and sell your products.

    Affiliate Marketers apply different strategies to make passive income. Anyway, almost any affiliate uses a website as a centerpiece of its strategy.

    This can be a funnel targeted on a specific offer or a more complex website with a blog and many other pages.

    Who prefers sales funnels is because they want to address the audience on a specific offer and collect their mail contact to build a huge mailing list. Sales funnels have a high conversion rate and match perfectly with an effective email marketing strategy which comprises a follow-up mail to send with an autoresponder to turn cold contacts (collected through the funnel) in warm costumers.

    Some software allows you to create a sales funnel in some minutes if you are a beginner as well.

    Indeed, who chooses a traditional website is because he/she wants to create a long-term strategy and conquer the SERP thought the blog. This means write keyword optimized articles to get high ranking in the major search engines like Google and attract organic traffic on the website. Build a website can be very expensive if you need to pay someone who builds it for you (A professional and SEO optimized website can be really expensive).

    Anyway, if you do not pretend a real professional website, many website builders make the affiliate website building process easy for everyone. When you start your online business into an affiliate marketing network the provide for course and tool to create a stunning website. 


    In the same process stage, we enclose the creation of a consistent social media presence. These remain good channels for building your following and share your promotional content and your blog post. Instagram allows you to sell your product directly.

    Choose not more than two social media platforms and focus your work on these. Too many social media can compromise the quality of your work. Better two managed very well than four of five with low-quality content. When you choose which focus your attention think about which one fits better with your audience. 

    Anyway, Facebook remains the most used social media, while Pinterest and Instagram are the most performings among affiliate marketers.

    You can also use a forum like Quora to attract visitors to your blog content.

    3) Content is the King

    "Content is King" is a famous phrase of Bill Gates. He said that in 1996 and after 24 years it remains true with an addition: "Quality is Queen".

    In fact, in 2020 the net is full of info while the human's attention is just 8 seconds. This means that you have less than 10 seconds to attract and keep a visitor on your website before then this scroll the phone to find other content! 

     What does it mean? you need to create quality content that is simple, informative, and engaging. 

    Well optimized and rich in information. Google loves informative and keyword-rich content. A very good practice is to put yourself in the place of your readers.

    Which solutions do you need? 

    How this product can solve your problem?

    Which other uses can I do with the same products?

    If you are useful for your reader they will trust you and likely the will buy from you. Post regularly new content is another good practice for both to scale organic search and keeps your audience captivated.

    Third good practice: answering always to your audience comment, and engage them so much possible on your social media. It has to be clear a human is being behind your website.

    Quality, Trust, and Engagement are all three synonyms of making money online with affiliate marketing.

    4) Track your performance

    Tracking your work can help you to save time and money and increase your sales. 

    Indeed, analytics is essential to know which are the most performing content on your campaign, which post get more readers and convert more in sales. This can help you to plan the approach for the future and on which affiliate products you can put more attention and in which you are doing mistakes.

    For instance, you can understand which Instagram post performs better, if you need to put more attention in writing text or in finding and make stunning images. By looking at the analytics you could have more info about your reader and your buyer person (age, sex, social status, study, work, etc...).

    In short, Analytics can help you to create a long term business strategy and boost your sales over time.


    Are you ready to start? W begin this article by writing that act is the key factor to start as an affiliate marketer and build a successful path. 

    If you are ready to start an online business and realize your dream to become an online entrepreneur it's now time to act.

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