TOP 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Make Money in 2020

    The first step for an affiliate marketer is choosing his own niche in the plurality of affiliate marketing niches.

     When you want to select your niches you can make two types of choices:

    1. Choose a proven niche that makes money for sure
    2. Choose an Affiliate niche that you hope it makes money

    Usually, when you choose a proven niche you're more likely to earn money.

    Therefore, you can try reinventing the wheel, or you could follow many guides and do what works better by following the experience of other affiliate marketers.

    Especially, if you are not an expert marketer it is very important to follow some guides or "affiliate guru" who can help you to find the right strategy and make money online. 

    Of course, if you choose to start your business in a proven niche you can find guides and experts to make each step with the right knowledge and avoiding affiliate mistakes which could compromise your business.

    Many people fail because they sell products that have not a market. The majority of these start their own online business, first by creating a product and after that by developing each part of their whole business around this one. 

    This is a perfect and proven strategy if not for the fact that they miss the first step: figuring out if there's a market for that product.

    When you want to start a business, the first question you need to make to yourself is: How much demand is out there for the product I want to market? This is the most important factor to be determined. A mistake will affect the whole business.

    In fact, you can have a great idea that nobody has come up with yet but if you have not a big amount of money to spend in promoting it, you will never build a reasonable audience of first users who can help you do conquer a slice of the market, while by selling a product that already exists you just need to present it in the best way and attract an audience who already know your product on your offers. 

    Therefore, there are more chances to make success by choosing to sell products of an existing and proven niche rather than a new product that nobody knows. These because it's a good idea for a newbie to start by selling products of existing affiliate marketing niches. 

    This does not mean that there is no more space for new ideas and new products, in reverse, new technologies have multiplied the chances of constantly seeing new products on the market. This is amazing!

    Anyway, if you are a beginner and your goal is just to create a passive income without spending a lot of money, it will be easier to have success choosing products in proven niches rather then new products that nobody knows.

     This is because, before starting an affiliate marketing business is highly recommended to know which are the best selling affiliate marketing niches. Profitable doesn't mean trendy. A profitable niche is the one that registers a high number of sales for a long time. 

    In fact, when you start a business in a big market as a fitness and weight loss market, you are sure to have a big audience to market constantly new products. For instance, You can promote the hot trendy products of the day, but when those go away you can easily move onto the next products.

    Therefore, if you want to have the best chances to succeed with your business, you need to promote products of an already proven and profitable niche.

     The 10 most profitable affiliate marketing niches 

    Fitness and Weight Loss

    This is one of the most profitable niches for 50 years. This is because from century people have been obsessed with losing weight and keep a beautiful body. This is also because this sector is constantly updated with new products for diet, exercise programs, or magical pills to lose kg and make muscles. 

    Indeed, staying fit has always been part of living a healthy life as well as an important part of our tradition. This is true for 4 thousand years since the cult for the strong and mighty warrior until the current love for physical fitness.

    Especially considering that a frightening percentage of people are now classified as pathologically obese,  There is a great demand for health and new diets.

    This makes this niche one of the most profitable for a very long time. This also means that anybody can grab their piece of the pie. The fitness and weight loss market is so big that despite the competition there are plenty of profits to be made yet. 

    You can truly make a fortune in this market.

    For instance, helping people with their weight loss can be one of the best ways to make money online and build a passive income.

    Usually, Fitness and Weight Loss are separated and profitable niches. Anyway, in the last years, something is changed. Indeed, most people are now skeptical of diets and drinks that promise magical weight loss figures and they are looking for a real program to lose weight. This comprises fitness and exercise. 

    For those who want to sell these products, it can be a good idea to combine weight loss products and fitness programs or sports tools.

    This is just one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. In the next paragraphs, we will cover the other nine in the top ten niches. 

    Online Dating

    Another niche which is in Affiliate Marketing since the beginning, It's Online Dating. People are always looking for love and passionate encounters, and where there is interest there are a lot of opportunities for business.

    In the last two decades the sector growth a lot. In fact, the last prejudices have fallen, and now online dating isn’t just acceptable – it’s cool!

    This makes this niche as one f the more profitable. The market has reached a value of US$2 billion per year by growing 6% per year. 

    In consideration that at least 24% of people use online dating sites, or have used them in the past, this explains why this industry has become so profitable. You can really find now dating websites and apps for any taste. There are apps specialized in dating for straight couples, or for gay couples, or for certain religious groups, etc... 

    This niche can be really profitable if you find the right affiliate marketing program to promote. The most popular programs offer commissions to marketers who send them new sign-ups. Other products regard guides, books, and more. 

    This is a huge market with so many profit possibilities.


    We could include this niche into  Fitness and Weight Loss but it's so big and have enough differences to merit entry into the top 10 list.

     Never as before, health is acquiring primary importance for people. Due to the internet, there is available plenty of info and people do not automatically trust what the government and their doctor say. In the same way, you can really find online each type of product into this niche such as gluten-free products, supplements, healing, herbal remedies, and any type of product.

    A big part of this market belongs to alternative medicine. Cures and alternative treatments find online that diffusion that they cannot find in the traditional market.

     In addition to all the products we mentioned before, there is a good market for info products such as books, supplements, informational products, coaching, and course.

    Moreover, this niche is really vital and there are always new growing areas to market. Thinks about the fast-growing medical marijuana ane CBD oils had in the last years. Of course, this niche requires major expertise in respect of the other affiliate marketing niches.


    Also known as self-help or personal development.  this is a huge niche with programs, courses, books, videos, online training, and coaching. This niche had a huge benefit for the whole online world and affiliate marketing in particular.

    And that’s why the personal development niche is worth an estimated US$13 billion per year.

     You sure know some of these big names like Jack Canfield or Tony Robbins or big brand as The Secret. All of them built their own fortune by creating a product and promoting their own service in this Niche. 

    Of course, you do not need to become Tony Robbins to make money online in this niche. 

     Again, you don't have to be a big name like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or have a big brand like The Secret. A small piece of this big market can provide for a very successful online business.

    This is a very large area that offers opportunities to make business to everyone. 


    Pets are our best friends. Personally, I love dogs and cats and like me, there are millions of people. Just think in the U.S. alone there are 180 million dogs and cats. These are just a small part of the entire market that includes many other animals as exotic creatures, parrots, snakes. guinea pigs etc.. 

    Right now in the United States this market worth at least US$70 billion per year.  Pet toys, food, healthy treats, heck, cat leashes are just some of the products you can find and sell in this market. Info products as ebook and or pet training are growing in importance in this market. This niche is becoming bigger each year. 

    So despite the competition, there's always space for new affiliates who really love pets.


    People want to grow their own wealth. They love to invest in financial products to make money. Those could be stocks, options, cryptocurrency, forex, futures, bonds, and each type of investment that can guarantee a good return. 

    Of course, investing you are accepting the risk to lose your money.  This is why people have to educate themselves and need advice on which investment to make. This is a huge field where you can choose to promote a lot of products or services related to investing money such as financial newsletters, trading systems, trading services, etc... 

    There are different way to show and teach to people how to make successful investments

    Let’s face it, people want to make money. And they know that stocks, bonds, options, forex (currency trading), futures, and other investment products are a way to do that. They’ve seen the news and all those hedge fund billionaires and super-successful investors cashing in. They want to get in on the action. 

    Do not be stressed, you do not need to be Warren Buffet to write content in this niche. You could simply teach people how to invest better their own budget in simple ways to create a huge passive income. 

    Moreover, the majority of people who look for financial advice and they just need to know how to get started.

    Many of them want to know how to save more money for retirement and they are looking for somebody who solves their own problems. 

    Another hot topic now regards Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. 

    This is one of the best affiliate marketing niches that offers many opportunities for profit to new affiliates.  

     Beauty Treatments

    Personal care and beauty is another topic which is best-selling for many years. 

    Cosmetics/beauty is a perfect example of this type of niche. Any sort of creams, formulas, products that can help people to be more radiant, erasing wrinkles or having smoother together skin, etc... are very popular.

    This is really huge business.

    Every anti-aging cosmetic treatments, hair care products or skincare products are just examples of hot products in this niche.

     Indeed, there are many ways to make business in this sector. For instance, just simply being an influencer in this market for someone is very profitable.

    This is a market that doesn't know a real crisis and stays golden during the good times and the bad.

    Make Money Online

     This is the one  I love. It's the best way to show your expertise in internet marketing. You could promote your own products, books, ebooks, or coaching programs or you could also promote software or products of other marketers and make money in affiliation. 

    You could also promote a network (take care and not fall in the scam of some multilevel marketing companies).

    You can try to make you an authority in the sector by creating guides and teaching strategies and techniques for people to build their own online business.

    Gadgets and Technology

    People want is passionate about technology. They are always looking for the last one. Tablet, smartphone, smart devices, mp3 players, cellphone cases, etc... are always hot products. 

    There are many Affiliate Networks where you can find products in this niche to sell as an affiliate marketer. Networks such as Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress offer a great choice of products. 

    We can comprise in this niche the software industry. This is one of the most dynamic in the market with new applications appearing on a daily basis. Applications for anything such as image manipulation, task management, and many others. 

    One of the most profitable parts of this niche regards the market of web hosting. There are many companies that offer web hosting services make it possible for anyone to earn with their own affiliate programs.  Some of them offer a high and recurring commission plan. 

    Once you choose the products you want to promote, you just need to focus on your marketing strategy. One of these includes making money blogging by writing articles and reviews about products on the category. 

    Indeed, in each content of those you can insert the affiliate link to sell the product you are promoting.

    You can also create a video tutorial on youtube for each product and some other informational product as well.  

    Each one of these affiliate marketing niches can be promoted with different marketing strategies.

    Personal Finance

    Many people don't know how to manage their money or securing money for important expenses.

    Maybe they need help to get a low-interest rate in paying their debts. They need somebody who helps them to solve legal questions.

    You will not offer them legal help but you could connect them with experts and promote information products as an affiliate, or products that can help them in credit monitoring.

    You can also create e-learning and education products to give these people the knowledge to improve their financial situation.

     This is a huge niche with a lot of opportunities.  

    A large number of people are carrying many debts which they have not been able to pay back. To give you an example, just in the United States there is $829 billion of credit card debt right now.

    For example, there is US$829 billion of credit card debt in the United States right now.

    Many people are really tired of this situation and are constantly looking for solutions to the problem.

    You can choose many affiliate programs to offer debt consolidation, social finance offers, and credit scores and make money online with these.

    How to Build Your First Online Business

    Fist of all chooses your favorite since in this list of 10 top-selling affiliate marketing niches and look for the best products in that niche. 

    Choose the best affiliate marketing program in your niche.

    Build your own marketing strategy that can include marketing funnels, paid ads, email marketing, social media, etc...

    Be inspired by the best marketers in your industry. Affiliate Marketing is a good way to start a business also because you can market your products by following proven models. This strategy also reduces the risk of failure.

    There are a lot of strategies you can apply to promote your products and you can also alternate several strategies together.

    The positive aspect of each one of this niche is that there's a lot of demand for products and might traffic you could attract to your website to monetize your offers. 

    Going for It

    Focusing your efforts on building a business none of this popular niche is the best way to get your online venture off the ground.

    The next step is to find a reliable affiliate network that can help you in building that avoiding mistakes and scams. If you are a beginner I suggest you start into a network that could help you with each step. Starting by choosing niche, products, and programs, helping you in building your website, and making you able to promote your products.

    Therefore, a reliable network has to offer you: 

    - free courses (from beginner to advanced);

    - Many products or suggestion for any niche;

    - Performing and easy to use website builder to make your first professional website;

    - Marketing materials;

    - Tools to build your marketing strategy;

    - large support.


    One of the best affiliate marketing network that offers each one of these services is Wealthy Affiliate

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